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Curious Kids Career Discovery

A lot of kids think and talk about their futures and are interested in the world of careers and what are available for them. Kids having taken the profession assessment can learn a lot about themselves, their own interests, clarify thoughts and integrate new knowledge through the use of visual and colourful aids.  Kids are not expected to make premature career preparations, however our goals are to help kids build visions and goals of what they desire to do in the future. 

The Curious Kids Career Discovery can be an excellent tool to aid kids to get a sense of the types of activities and jobs that might be a fit for them in the future and gain an insight about their future careers.

The Curious Kids Career Discovery will help kids:

  • Gain an increasing awareness and understanding of the self
  • Explore potential careers and gain useful feedback from mentors
  • Help kids learn what types of careers and activities they like and dislike
  • Explore potential careers through school subjects

We have received a number of positive feedback from parents from the assessment including:

  • Higher school grades
  • Improved school involvement
  • An increase in interpersonal skills
  • Boosted determination  
  • Strengthened self esteem and confidence

Curious Kids Vision Board Making

One way to kids get excited about future careers is by exploring the world of work.  For our curious kids we hold fun and creative career vision board making to feed their imaginative minds. They are also given the opportunity to share and talk about their career vision.

Tips for helping your children explore occupations

Kids like hands-on experiences, where they can learn about an occupation by talking about it or better yet experiencing it. When one is young, the future's possibilities are endless.

Here is what you should do:

  • Keep Your Opinions to Yourself: Try not to discourage your child from exploring a particular career, even if you think it's all wrong for him or her.
  • Network: Use your connections to set up opportunities for your child to meet with people working in various occupations.
  • Protect Your Kids: Make sure you know who your children are contacting to get information about careers. Accompany your child if he or she is meeting with someone. Read all email correspondence.
  • Job Shadow: Take your child to visit your workplace so they can see the day to day activities you do.

From an early age children should be encouraged to think about:

  • What do they enjoy doing?

  • What do they want to do when they are older?

  • Do they understand what their parents / carers do?

  • Do they understand how different jobs make up the society that they live in?

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