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Resume and Cover Letter Evaluation

Are you sick of applying for jobs and recieving rejection letters / emails or getting no response at all!  I can tell you now your Resume and Cover Letter are not standing out from your competition and you are missing opportunities!  We will review your Resume and Cover Letter and provide you with helpful feedback to fast-track you to the company's to-hire list.  Get short listed not disgarded!  Email us your Resume and Cover Letter now.

Professional Resume and Cover Letter 

Your Resume and cover letter are vital job search tools, so you need to get it right! In today’s market there are many jobseekers competing for that one job.  You need to have a good cover letter because this introduces your targeted Resume and draws the employer's attention to the knowledge, experience, skills and qualities you will bring to the job. 

By engaging with one of our Resume and Cover Letter Writers, we will prepare a professional resume and cover letter for you. Your Resume and Cover letter will be:

  • Targeted and marketed to your industry to meet the current market requirements 
  • Your skills, qualifications, experience and achievements, are presented effectively to employers
  • Your Resume will be formatted to highlight your skill sets

Job Interview Training

Today's interviews are tougher than ever with employers drawing upon more rigorous techniques to ensure they choose the best candidate for the role.  We offer highly practical interview training working with our Interview Coach who will coach you how to present yourself and frame your answers for maximum impact. 

We will teach you how to:

  • Build rapport with the interviewer and sell yourself effectively
  • Overcome your nerves and build your confidence
  • Handle a panel interview
  • Answer common interview questions
  • Prepare responses to behavioural-based questions

Job Hunt

Career Confident people know exactly what they have to offer, target jobs accurately and represent themselves confidently.  Over 70% of Career Confident people get jobs by networking or by making direct approaches to companies they'd like to work for.  

We will teach you how to:

  • Tap into the hidden job market to find your ideal job
  • Develop your networking skills
  • Cold call employers and market yourself effectively
  • Plan and manage your job search

We also offer Job Hunt Mentoring to provide you with continued strategies, support and advice.  

In the Workplace

You've been offered a job? Congratulations!  What next?

Employers can make an offer of employment to a prospective employee that includes a trial period of up to 90 days.  During the employment probationary period, we can work with you to make sure you understand what you need to do to make a good impression! 

We will teach you how to:

  • Promote yourself effectively in your role
  • Adjust to the culture of the organisation
  • Gain awareness of what is expected of you and how to achieve it

Need a Professional Curriculum Vitae?

Your Curriculum Vitae and cover letter are vital job search tools, so you need to get it right! In today's job market there are many competing for that one job. So you need to stand out among your competition. We will prepare a professional CV for you which will be target and marketed to your industry and your skills, qualifications, experience and achievements will be presented effectively to employers.

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Are you unhappy at your current job?

The key to a successful career lies in understanding four things: what we are good at, what we enjoy, what matters to us in life and what motivates us at work. Professional career advice will help you to understand yourself better and identify your career options. Now is the time to invest in you and your career to achieve personal and self satisfaction success.

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