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With so many job options available today, deciding which career path to choose can be overwhelming.   Many students enroll in courses on what they think they can do, without considering whether this is the job that matches their abilities, will use their skills and fits well with their values.  In addition, students identified finding a satisfying career the most prevalent fear about the future.    

Working with a Career Professional, we can assist in creating and developing a more comprehensive plan to formulate your future career goals.  Most students who seek career services are looking for some direction, to better understand themselves and their options, and for a process to help them make career decisions.  To ensure a clear direction of career success we recommend The Career Window Programme for year 10 - 13. 

The Career Window Programme will help students:

  • Determine the careers and areas of study most likely to enjoy by discovering skills, values, interests and personality
  • Identify work experience opportunities
  • Find new career directions that will be both sustainable and rewarding
  • Gain clarity around career direction and goals
  • Identify further education and training pathways that may be relevant to career advancement

The Career Window Programme Process

The Career Window Programme begins with a initial personal or skype 1 - 1 1/2 hour interview.  You will be guided through and asked to complete a detailed questionnaire that gathers information on your academic qualifications, interests; skills, work values and personality.  You will also complete two exercises to understand your personality and determine the best industries and careers to work in. 

Following completion of this assessment you will receive a detailed report which outlines the results from the assessment and the most suited careers.  

The Career Window Plus Programme - Career Strategy and Action Plan

For those wanting to take the next step towards achieving their career dreams and directions we also offer The Career Window Plus Programme.  We provide a 1 hour coaching session on career strategy and action planning. During this session you will be provided with job information, recommended educational institutes, identify obstacles, determine directions and clarify your goals towards a successful career pathway.  A Action Plan is developed with listed goal steps and deadlines to keep yourself on track.  We also recommend students undertake our Career Mentoring Programme ( 1-2 30 minutes sessions) on a yearly basis to ensure you are working towards your career goals each year.  


Need a Professional Curriculum Vitae?

Your Curriculum Vitae and cover letter are vital job search tools, so you need to get it right! In today's job market there are many competing for that one job. So you need to stand out among your competition. We will prepare a professional CV for you which will be target and marketed to your industry and your skills, qualifications, experience and achievements will be presented effectively to employers.

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Are you unhappy at your current job?

The key to a successful career lies in understanding four things: what we are good at, what we enjoy, what matters to us in life and what motivates us at work. Professional career advice will help you to understand yourself better and identify your career options. Now is the time to invest in you and your career to achieve personal and self satisfaction success.

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"I'm so glad I invested in me! My career consultation and direction gave me an insight towards my future of achieving career success"

Pamela, Registered Nurse