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  • Michael – was miserable in his job that he had been in for 2 years. We helped him to learn how to research organisations and tap into the hidden job market.
  • Sue – was a school leaver and was confused what she wanted to do with her life.  She left school with no formal qualifications and lacked direction and purpose.  We were able identify her top 3 Careers based on her values, interests and strengths.  She is now studying Nursing and is excited to becoming a Registered Nurse.  
  • Warren – had attended many job interviews but was not offered any of the jobs.  We helped Warren by him attending a formal mock interview with My Career House which was recorded by camera.  It was then played back to him and he was able to personally see how he performed in an interview.  We helped him by pointing out areas that needed improvement and he learnt how to demonstrate himself in an effective manner.  
  • Shelley – had just started a new job and wanted to work at her best during her trial period.  We helped Shelley understand what was expected of her and how to adjust to a new culture.   
  • Jason – was an Apprentice Builder.  He was in a car accident and sustained a back injury and couldn’t return back to his role.  We helped Jason identify areas he loved about building and were able to identify Careers that were of a lighter nature for him to pursue in the building industry. 
  • Tatiana – wanted part-time employment while studying.  We were able to help her with cold calling techniques and networking tips.

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Your Curriculum Vitae and cover letter are vital job search tools, so you need to get it right! In today's job market there are many competing for that one job. So you need to stand out among your competition. We will prepare a professional CV for you which will be target and marketed to your industry and your skills, qualifications, experience and achievements will be presented effectively to employers.

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Are you unhappy at your current job?

The key to a successful career lies in understanding four things: what we are good at, what we enjoy, what matters to us in life and what motivates us at work. Professional career advice will help you to understand yourself better and identify your career options. Now is the time to invest in you and your career to achieve personal and self satisfaction success.

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"I was so inspired by the results I received from My Career House. I found out who I am and the type of work that best suits me – I look forward to a happier career”.

Tony, Youth Worker